About Us

Corporate Overview

Founded in 1996, China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited (the "Company")is one of the largest comprehensive marketing, promotion and channel management service providers dedicated to imported pharmaceutical products and medical devices in China. We constantly introduce products embedded with technologies that represent international advanced level into Chinese market. In 5 November 2013, the Company was successfully listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited with stock code HK.01345. More

Chairmans Statement

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Since we founded Pioneer Pharma in 1996 we have grown at a rapid pace to become one of the largest distributors of imported pharmaceuticals in China. On 5 November 2013 we passed another milestone when we went public and Pioneer received its listing at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Next we have big plans for the future, including our expansion into South-East Asia and more participations in Western companies. We are living in exciting times with the re... More

Sales Network

· A professional growing internal sales team with rich experience · More than 260 marketing and promotion employees, and over 1000 third-party promotion partners · The sales network covers all provinces, about 30,000 hospitals and medical institution and over 108,000 pharmacies across China · The expert networks include over 1,300 key medical experts in all fields · Product portfolio includes over 30 pharmaceutical products, covering ophthalmology, pain management, cardiovascular, respiratory...More

MutualBenefit     Integrity     Respect

Following the principles of Cooperation
Mutual Benefit   Integrity   Respect
Pioneer has always been pursuing business excellence,which is our core culture.We insist on the use of market-oriented strategies and always provide the best products and services, therefore distinguishing us from the competitors.
Pioneer’s main advantages
• We provide better products than other local distributors do
• Our operation management is more suitable for the local market than that of overseas manufactures
• Focus on the development of distribution channels and maintenance of price levels. Outsource production and research&research&development.