China Pioneer & Polichem Medical Representatives Product and Compliance Training

The “China Pioneer & Polichem Medical Representatives Products and Compliance Training” , which was jointly organized by China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited and Polichem S.R.L, a subsidiary of Almirall Company, was successfully held in Shanghai Central International Hotel on May 21st to 22nd, 2018. The sales managers, product managers and distributor partners of China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited, coming from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian and other 21 provinces and cities, were invited to participate in the professional training conference. Mr. Zhu Mengjun, CEO of China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited, gave an enthusiastic opening speech, kicking off the meeting conference. The two-day meeting was mainly conducted around Pidotimod’s introduction of relevant professional knowledge and compliance training for medical representatives. The conference specially invited Dr. Carlos Vila Silvan, medical expert from Polichem S.R.L. He traveled thousands of miles to Shanghai to introduce in detail the mechanism of action, drug labels, pre marketing clinical trials and post marketing studies of Pidotimod. During the conference, the distributor partners and Dr. Carlos had a warm interaction on the safety and efficacy of Pidotimod. Through the detailed introduction of Dr. Carlos and the understanding of a large number of evidence-based research of Pidotimod, the participants were more convinced of this drug’s stability, efficacy and safety. Meanwhile, on the premise of abiding by the compliance requirements of the two companies, the attendees had more confidence and professional skills to deliver real, effective, and accurate product information to clinicians, and to provide patients with more optimized treatment, which is also the purpose of the training organized by China Pioneer Pharma Holdings Limited and Polichem S.R.L. The two companies will work together to strive for the health of human beings.